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10 Reasons To Mediate

My professional experiences have allowed me to work with a wide range of clients with differing needs and challenges. I have had the honor of meeting my clients where they are at within their conflicts and steer the energy and challenges in a way to effectively reach amicable agreement and resolve their family conflicts saving them precious time, money and restore a sense of emotional well being. 


Welcome to Dynamic Family Resolution!


I would enjoy the opportunity to support and empower you in finding an amicable and respectful solution through your time of transition/transformation in your family relationship. My role as a mediator encompasses a 'compassionate centered' approach that  provides structure and an interactive process for both parties to come to an agreeable solution in their dispute.


My role is to facilitate the discussions in a safe space and provide both parties with legal information, including an explanation of the relevant law which support co-creating solutions that work for you. 


Supporting you through the transition process and legal challenges and moving forward with compassionate communication and restoring harmony within the family my focus and passion for over twenty years.  


I would be honored to work with you to move forward in a constructive/sustainable direction and allow you to discover an optimal solution to meet your new dynamic beginning. 

  SusanDaya Hamwi, Essq.

     Susan Daya Hamwi, Esq.

Founder of Dynamic Family Resolution


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Susan Daya Hamwi, Esq.

When you've come to that place in your family dynamics that needs legal intervention and you're not sure how to proceed, you want the support of knowledgeable professionals, committed to the success of your legal and emotional process. At Dynamic Family Resolution, we understand what it takes to get you from where you are, to a place of resolution and completion.







Daya is called the Aquarian lawyer since her childhood dream was building peace on earth, as she embodies the sutras of the Aquarian age into her practice. She advocates from her unconventional background as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, believing when you vibrate the Cosmos, a path shall be cleared. Her legal career began in 1991 as the court-appointed attorney for the Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center in South Central Los Angeles. There, she represented minors in court proceedings while also working with families and liaison officers to create the best solution for children in their family situation. In her private practice, she handled numerous divorces, custody, and dependency cases.


Daya became a mentor to incarcerated minors at the California Youth Authority as well as teaching Yoga to children. She has served on the Advisory Board of "Empowerment Works," a non-profit that supports uplifting and sustainableprojects around the World and is currently fiscally sponsoring 60 enterprises. Daya is also on the advisory board of "Peace Now." She is a member of the Aquarian Women's Leadership Council, forging new models of feminine Leadership and is a long-time contributor to Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador Program. Daya's greatest joy in life is being a devoted mother to her son Joey in college.

Resolutionaries is an evolutionary platform designed to reduce divisiveness and support unity, with the goal of co-creating harmonious solutions to the challenges we face in our personal lives and as a nation. Resolutionaries was founded by attorney/mediators Dennis A. Cohen and Susan "Daya" Hamwi, who adapt their powerful healing, problem-solving, and conflict resolution tools and practices of transformational mediation to everything from family conflicts to the national political dialogue.

Dennis met and partnered with Daya as they shared dedication and value for the peaceful resolution of family issues. Together they embody a unique perspective as a dynamic man-woman team, providing an atmosphere of incredible support to people in conflict. Having an innovative mind view of the legal system, they focus on efficient, cost-effective resolution of disputes while helping to heal and complete underlying emotional issues.


In mediation, you are able to maintain control over the process and the resolution. In mediation, you and the other party work together with the goal of avoiding litigation. This means that you work together without the need of expensive attorneys and you avoid the high-stress conflict surrounding the litigated case. When a court makes a decision regarding a case, the court is required to follow the law and can be limited in its options. When you mediate, you can create your own solution. 

We want to help you through this process without incurring any unneeded expenses. I have helped many not only save money, but also guide you through this challenging time with a positive attitude:





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 Dynamic Family Resolution educates, empowers and embodies solution oriented information on topics through every dispute/issue... through love and compassion.

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"Susan (Daya) Hamwi is an incredibly rare blend of effective legal knowledge and heart wisdom - particularly rare in the world of difficult legal matters.  I am proud and grateful to say that Daya represented me during a highly volatile and painful legal family battle that resulted in fairness, ease and a continuance of loving family relationships.  Our case included the challenges of family death, money and property and had been escalating for 6 years - that is, until I worked with Daya who facilitated the completion of legal and family problems with ease, fairness, compassion, and speed.  I highly recommend working with Daya to overcome legal difficulties which you may not even be able to manage resolving.  Thank you for helping me / us resolve legal problems and return love and peace in our family. 

--Jenna Grayson, Clinical Hypnotherapist



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We offer a uniquely serene setting in Marina Del Rey, California. Our trained mediation staff is ready to assist you to create cooperative solutions to all of the issues associated with dissolution, including custody and time-sharing, child and spousal support, and division of property. 

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