10 Reasons To Mediate

“ As the world moves into the next age, lawyers are being called on to facilitate peace. ”




As a mediator, family lawyer, Kundalini yoga teacher and health freedom advocate, Daya has led the field for decades, infusing lovingkindness and compassion into her practice of resolutionary law. She supports couples, families, partnerships and groups in resolving disagreements amicably, restoring harmony to their relationships. 

Living an illuminated lifestyle is all about navigating life’s challenging transitions in an uplifted way, and communicating compassionately. It’s a daily practice. There is always a solution.

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When you've come to that place in your family dynamic where you know you need legal intervention and you're not clear on how to proceed, you want the support of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to your legal and your emotional wellbeing.

At Dynamic Family Resolution, we understand.

And we can guide you from where you are now to a place of resolution and completion.


Daya is cofounder of SettlementWorks with fellow mediator Dennis A. Cohen. For 18 years they have practiced family law aboard Concordance, a classic yacht docked at Marina del Rey, California. Together they have facilitated couples and families through every imaginable challenge, inviting them to reopen heart-centered communication with each other, and to co-create harmonious solutions.

Dynamic Family Resolution™
Using our in-house practice of Dynamic Family Resolution, we help you make the decisions, rather than the court. We work towards a complete agreement, and draft a document to be submitted to the court. It’s a binding agreement, saving you time, money, and stress. As we move through the issues, we can resolve and heal them as they arise. It’s a gentle process. Together, we craft a compassionate divorce.



Resolutionaries is an evolutionary platform designed to reduce divisiveness and find harmonious solutions to the challenges we face, both in our personal lives and as members of communities of every kind, from our families to our nations. Daya and Dennis have adapted their practice of transformational mediation into a set of healing, problem-solving, and conflict resolution tools that can be applied to virtually anything from interpersonal conflict to local and national political dialogue.


In mediation, you are able to maintain control over the process and its resolution; you and the other party will work together with the goal of avoiding litigation. This means that you collaborate without needing expensive attorneys, and you avoid the high-stress conflicts surrounding a litigated case. When a court makes a decision regarding a case, that court is required to follow the law and can be limited in its options. When you mediate, you can create your own solutions. 

Let us support you through this process without incurring needless expense. We have helped many, many people not only to save money, but also to navigate through these challenging life changes with poise and positivity.







Dynamic Family Resolution educates, empowers and embodies solution-oriented information on topics through every dispute and issue... through love and compassion.

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Daya is an incredibly rare blend of effective legal knowledge and heart wisdom - particularly rare in the world of difficult legal matters.  I am proud and grateful to say that she represented me during a highly volatile and painful legal family battle that resulted in fairness, ease and a continuance of loving family relationships.  Our case included the challenges of family death, money and property and had been escalating for 6 years - that is, until I worked with Daya who facilitated the completion of legal and family problems with ease, fairness, compassion, and speed. 


I highly recommend working with Daya to overcome legal difficulties which you may not even be able to manage resolving.  Thank you for helping me/us resolve legal problems and return love and peace in our family. 

—Jenna Grayson, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Join Us Aboard Concordance

We offer a uniquely serene setting in Marina Del Rey, California. Our experienced mediation team is ready to assist you to create cooperative solutions to all of the issues associated with dissolution, including custody and time-sharing, child and spousal support, and division of property. Uncoupling can indeed be done consciously.